The 6 Best Apps For Independent Musicians & Rappers

With new apps for musicians popping up every week, we reviewed the must-download apps that will help your music career.

This is by far the best time in history to be an independent musician, artist or rapper.

Technology has made it easier and cheaper than ever to create new music, distribute it and promote it online. There are no excuses of not having the money to do this.

But, with easier access there will always be more competition. Lots of other artists, rappers and musicians can create music in their bedrooms with almost no money.

To get fans to notice you, you'll need to standout. Here are our top apps to help build your music career from  the ground up!

📱What Apps Do Most Musicians Use?

As a musician, you have it easier than during any other time in history to make and distribute music.

The downside is so do millions of other musicians around the world. It's getting harder and harder to stand out. 😣

With so many mobile apps targeted at artists, musicians and rappers today, it can be hard to find something worth downloading.

We've curated our top picks for music related apps you can download from the Apple App Store or Android Play Store.

⚡️Best apps for music distribution

Just making great music is not enough to hit it big in the music industry.

You have market and distribute your music to as many people as possible to gain more fans little by little.

In the last 10 years, distributing your music online has become ridiculously simple with many apps allowing you to place your music on streaming platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music.

1. UnitedMasters

UnitedMasters is a mobile app that lets independent artists distribute their music and keep their masters.

This is the top app for rappers who want an easy to use mobile app to distribute new music. It even lets you upload music by simply texting the audio file.


  • two plans available: free (10% commission) and paid (keep 100% masters)
  • upload songs using app or text messaging
  • can distribute to all major streaming platforms


  • sometimes there are delays releasing music


2. DistroKid

We decided to add DistroKid even though they don't have a mobile app, it may be worth it to check it out.

They compete directly with United Masters and Amuse to distribute your music to all streaming platforms.


  • unlimited song uploads
  • keep 100% of earnings
  • can set up splits for collaborators
  • has more features than other apps


  • no free plan
  • no mobile app


🎤 Best apps for live shows/touring

If you're looking to play some live gigs and go on tour, there are some great apps to help you stay organized and find local shows for independent artists.

3. Qoncert

Qoncert is an iOS app that we launched recently to help independent artists, musicians and rappers perform live.

Anyone can find and request to perform on any of our shows (no gatekeepers!)


  • free for artists
  • find live shows in your city
  • no experience necessary
  • no EPK needed
  • build your fanbase


  • only available for iOS (Android coming soon!)
  • available in limited cities/states (expanding soon!)


iOS App Download

🎧 What Music Platform Is Best For Musicians?

4. Spotify

Spotify is the #1 platform for streaming but they have recently said that 60.000 songs are uploaded every single day. This ridiculous amount of competition for fans listening time can be hard to overcome.

We still recommend uploading songs to Spotify but don't expect to earn much as their royalty rates are a dismal $0.0034 per stream.

With labels and signed artists are using streaming farms, it's somewhat of a rigged game at this point. Think of it as content marketing to make sure your name is everywhere and nothing more.

5. Apple Music

Apple music is our second favorite streaming platform and the default for many iPhone owners. They pay a little more royalties than Spotify at $0.01 per stream. 

The numbers won't make sense based on the total streams because of the weird math streaming platform use, but it will be ballpark.

6. Amazon Music

Amazon music is a newcomer and they are fast becoming a go-to streaming platforms for fans that use Alexa and are prime members. Make sure you add your music to Amazon because it will allow you to reach fans that don't use either Spotify or Apple Music.

📢 Best Apps To Promote Your Music Online?

We think the best way to promote your music is through social media like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.

Don't just promote your music every chance you get, try to provide value more often than promote.

  • Respond to other people's content
  • Talk about latest trends in music
  • Give behind-the-scenes peek into your music
  • Show videos of your live performances
  • Collaborate with other artists on songs

Perform Live
Tour Independently

Download the Qoncert app to find local shows in your city to perform, gain new fans and make serious money. 🎤🤘🏽🔥

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