Miguel Crandell: From Dancer to Headliner While Still In High School

Young rising artist from Colorado used Qoncert App to headline his own shows and build a huge fanbase at only 17.

We've been putting on live shows for over a decade and we've seen the same type of artist that feel they aren't getting a fair shot by the live music industry.

But there is a rare type of artist that doesn't wait for a handout, but instead, works to get what they want.

Miguel Crandell is an artist that has quickly risen to become a local favorite among his avid fans. A dancer at age 13, he quickly found his passion for music and didn't wait for permission to get in the game.

When we connected with him, we immediately saw that he was going places.

So many artists aren't willing to work non-stop and prefer someone else to sell the tickets or get people to the show so when you find someone who just works hard and gets shit done, it's incredible.

🤘🏽How Miguel Headlined His Own Show At 17

We're now helping Miguel to put on sold-out shows all over the metro region. He has headlined his own show before even graduating high school.

This kid truly understands the business side and will achieve his goals while other artists sit around and wait for someone to save them.

We caught up with Miguel to have a quick talk about his path to success and how the Qoncert App has helped him get to his goals faster.

🎤 Qoncert App Can Help You Headline Too

Every single artist who is now famous started out as an opener for someone else.

In this game, you have to prove yourself from day one. It wont' be easy and it is a lot of work but the industry doesn't owe you anything.

The most persistent and hardworking artists tend to quickly move up the ranks and headline their own local shows quickly.

The days of waiting to be "discovered" are over. There are millions of artists online that know one knows about or heard their music. Spotify says there are 60,000 songs uploaded to their platform every single day.

This is what's called a"red ocean" (book: Blue Ocean Strategy) where there's so competition online for artists that no one makes any money. Oh except the 0.8% of international artists we all know about.

Don't play in the red ocean, find the blue ocean that still has plenty of opportunities. We are talking about performing live in your local hometown and making a name for yourself.

Qoncert can help you get your first show, headline your next show and then plan a fucking tour. Let's get it!

Perform Live
Tour Independently

Download the Qoncert app to find local shows in your city to perform, gain new fans, and make serious money. 🎤🤘🏽🔥

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