Q2 Day Series: Our Music Conference and Day Show!

We're excited to launch our Q2 Day Series in Denver with the goal of bringing together the city's independent music scene.

We are excited to announce the launch of our Q2 Day Series in Denver, CO!

The goal of Q2 is to teach independent artists how to turn their music from a hobby into a full-time career.

We also want to spotlight some rising talent that doesn't always get the attention they deserve.

Q2 is broken up into two parts: first is the music conference and immediately after we will host a day show.

The feedback we've received has been incredible! We are excited to bring together independent artists, local venues and loyal fans.

This is just the beginning.

We plan to continue this event to help artists as well as DJs, hosts, dancers, sound engineers, photographers, videographers and event planners get exposure and education.

Come out and support Denver's independent music scene!

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