Qoncert Awards: Recognizing Independent Artists

Qoncert is hosting its first annual Qoncert Awards at The Wild Goose! We're recognizing the best independent artists in Colorado.

We're holding our first annual Qoncert Awards on February 24th 2023 at Wild Goose in Parker, Colorado!

This event is to recognize some of the top independent artists in Colorado who were grinding last year and did some big numbers.

We're super excited to showcase some of our top artists and what they have achieved in 2022.

๐Ÿ† List Of Qoncert Awards Categories

This year, we're giving 11 different achievement awards based on what an artist was able to do last year.

The stats we used are based on real numbers. This is not a popularity competition!

Artists who win these awards have real fans who come to their shows and we believe they are next to pop off in Colorado.

So here are the categories for the Qoncert Awards crystal mics:

  • The Goat
  • The Q
  • The Boss
  • The Hustla
  • Makin' Moves
  • Poppin'
  • The Future
  • Dopest DJ

There is no limit to how many you can win. It's all based on what you were able to achieve.

So, it's possible for one artist to win multiple awards!

If you didn't perform with us in 2022, let's see what you can do in 2023. You may be a winner in next year's Qoncert Awards. ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿฝ

๐ŸŽค Who's Headlining 2023 Qoncert Awards?

This year, we're having Hyp3 headline the Qoncert Awards.

This man works his ass off and knows how to put on a dope show. His fan base is insane and loyal and we love working with him.

His style is unique and his hustle is no joke. Don't sleep on him for real.

  • Just a hype man figuring out his sound day by day and looking to bring the energy to any and every single track.
  • Hyp3 was born and raised in Aurora, Colorado.
  • From a young age, he was always into upbeat music from listening to Lil Jon and the Eastside boys to getting hyphy with E-40 and various Bay Area artists.
  • Now heโ€™s trying to find his own lane combining a mixture of whatever he can find to keep the party vibes going.
  • Heโ€™s only been an official artist after releasing his first single โ€œDo or Dieโ€ in October of 2018.
  • Single after single, collab after collab, heโ€™s demonstrating he does not have a ceiling and looks forward to making an impact worldwide.

We also have some of Colorado's rising stars performing alongside Hyp3. This night will be mind-blowing so don't miss it and get your tickets now!


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