How To Find Your First 30 Fans Performing Live

Know Who Your Fans Are

As an artist, your only job is to make dope music and find fans. That's it!

You can't expect a promoter to bring you fans. If they did that, they would have the leverage and you become a replaceable commodity.

Instead, you need to think of yourself as a business. Find your customers (fans) that will pay to see you perform live.

Don't worry, we'll explain how to find your first 30 fans.

How To Find Your First 30 Fans

Trying to reach your audience online is tough. There is greater competition on social media platforms today which makes it that much harder.

We think that finding fans locally in your city first is the new gold rush. There's less competition when you're in person and fans have more face-time with you vs other artists.

Family & Friends

Most artists will tap into their friends and family for the first few fans and ticket sales. These people care about you and will want to support you.

But this support only lasts so long and for a specific number of shows. We've seen friends and family fall off on attending shows because life gets in the way.

At that point, you should have started gaining new REAL fans that want to go to your shows consistently.


Coworkers are similar to friends and family but aren't as close. They may like you but you can win them over just by pitching them a night out.

However, don't expect them to continue to show up for every show. They have already seen enough of you at work.

Social Media

Consistent content = face time!

To succeed with social media as a musician, you have to post a variety of different content.

  • New Music
  • Music videos
  • Live show recaps
  • Selfies
  • Personal Reels

Keeping up can be hard but it's worth it when you notice that more followers are converting to fans and buying tickets to see your show.

Dating Apps

You may not have thought of this, but swiping everyone you see on a dating app and offering to meet them at your show can work!

Don't lie to prospective fans (or dates) and let them know that you would love to invite them to your live show.


We consider this the old-school way of finding new fans.

Head over to a local mall and hand out flyers. Let people hear your music or better yet, sing/rap live on the spot!

You may even sell a few tickets to strangers but don't be afraid of possible NOs you'll get. Just keep going.

Free Tickets

For some artists, giving our free tickets works wonders. To do this, you'd have to buy the tickets yourself (called "show buy-on").

Think of this as an investment in your career. The return-on-investment (ROI) can be die-hard fans that will attend your future shows and buy merch.

Creating A Solid Content Strategy

Putting out some type of content will keep your face and name in front of people. Sounds simple, right?

The type of content you post is also crucial but being consistent is a must.

There are ways to take one piece of content and break it up into different posts to stretch it out over the week.

Perform Live
Tour Independently

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