Headline Your Own Show

Dominate Your Current City

To headline your own show, focus on dominating your city by building your fanbase from 5-10, 10-30, and 30-50 fans.

When you control your fanbase (know who they are and can contact them) you have some serious leverage.

Getting there can be hard but the rewards of being able to bring 50 fans to your show are incredible.

and If you're just starting out, check out our tips to find your first 30 fans.

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We consistently give new artists the opportunity to move up into the headliner spot.

But no headliner got there without doing a few opening shows!

It can take 3-6 opening shows before you're ready to headline. There is no specific timeframe for every artist, so focus on your unique path to your goal.

Once you've opened a few shows with us, we can talk about the next steps for you and where you want your music career to be 6 months, 1 year, and 3 years from now.

Opener to Headliner Strategy

Once you get to 50 fans in your hometown, you'll want to think about the next city you want to tackle.

The strategy is the same in each new city:

  • Find your first 5-10 fans
  • Consistently put out content online
  • Visit the city and find fans in person

There will be a lot of ground work (especially if you don't have a team around you) so we see artists who succeed really want it and don't give up.

Being a headliner in your hometown is great but you'll like to be an opener in a new city until you can bring enough people to the show.

While working on your next city, you still want to continue to grow your fanbase in your hometown so you can earn more per ticket sold.

Once you get to 150-200 fans in a city, you can expect to get paid $1,000 per night just to leave your house! That's the goal.

Perform Live
Tour Independently

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