Q2 Conference

Building independent music culture city-by-city

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What Is The Q2 Conference?

The Q2 is a music conference that teaches artists, dreamers, students and troubled youth how to build a real career in the music industry.

Q2 was created to fill the knowledge gap for musicians who want to go full-time with their music but don't know where to start. We built the Qoncert app to give independent artists the opportunity to get in front of new fans by performing live at our shows.

However, we quickly learned that most artists need help getting their first 30 fans in their hometown. This is where the Q2 conference comes in to teach what steps are needed to get started.

To date, we've held three Q2 conferences in multiple markets with hundreds of participants.

Our Goal For Q2

We are fully committed to building the Q2 conference into the largest gathering on independent musicians, creatives and anyone wanting to be part of their local live music scene.

We're now looking to connect with local businesses and organizations who believe in this mission. By helping us create a stronger community connected through shared music and culture, we'll truly make a positive change we all want to see in our cities.

Creating Sustainable Jobs In Live EntertainmentWe believe that our cities will prosper when there are good paying jobs that young people want to do.

Live music and the entertainment industry are exciting fields to be in and many young people wish to be a part of it.

By connecting the Q2 Conference with Qoncert, we'll great a 1-2 punch to not only educate people on what it takes to thrive in the live music industry, but also offer great jobs and performance opportunities.

Right now, less than 1% creatives are able to go full-time. It doesn't have to be this way and we're paving the way for real change.

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